Life Changing Magic


I just listened to Sarah Knight speak on her best selling book,The Magical Art of NotGiving  a F*ck.It basically takes the book, The Life Changing Method of Tidying Upin which you declutter your house of anything that doesn't bring you "joy", and instead she talks about decluttering your mind~ of giving up and walking away from anything you don't give a true f*ck about. I've tried the Tidying Up method of decluttering and minimalizing your house, and it does work, though temporarily until you look around and find that you've replaced whatever you got rid of. So I thought I would try Sarah's method of decluttering my mind.

She encourages you to give up objects, events, concepts, and people or relationships that don't bring you real joy. Her motto, is "Stop giving a f*ck about what other people think." When you stop doing so many things that annoy you and do not bring you joy, “your spirit will be lighter, your calendar will be clearer, and y…

13 Reasons

 I just got done binge watching 13 Reasons Why on Netflix. I never read the book, though I wish I did after watching the show. My oldest is getting ready to go off to high school, so I thought maybe it would be a good learning opportunity for the both of us. There are a lot of adult themes throughout the movie that his almost 14 year old mind didn't need to see just yet, so I'm glad I watched first, and then pulled him into scenes that I felt he needed to see.

If you are not familiar with the show or book, 13 Reasons Why is a series on Netflix which follows Clay Jensen, a high school student whose crush commits suicide and leaves behind 13 cassette tapes, each side indicating a reason why she decided to take her own life. It covers many issues which affects teens nowadays such as rape, bullying, loneliness, drinking, drugs, and depression. It gives people a perspective on how people feel when they go through these events in their lives and shows how this can lead us to take dr…

The Greatest Lesson

"Because telling your story—while being witnessed with loving attention by others who care—may be the most powerful medicine on earth. Each of us is a constantly unfolding narrative, a hero in a novel no one else can write. And yet so many of us leave our stories untold, our songs unsung—and when this happens, we wind up feeling lonely, listless, out of touch with our life’s purpose, plagued with a chronic sense that something is out of alignment. We may even wind up feeling unworthy, unloved, or sick." ~ Lissa Rankin, MD The anniversary of my mom's death is coming up. I think of her her every day, and talk to her out loud often~ all in the hopes she'll somehow hear me. The greatest life lesson my mom taught me, however, came after she died. It was the lesson of sharing my story, and allowing other people to share theirs. Her story is one very long chapter in my story, in my book of life. I can't tell my story without telling hers.  My mom's story was one of lo…

Bubble Bursting


I started The Good Life page as part of my healing journey after have two brain surgeries and watching my young mother suddenly die all within months of each other. To say that the year was life changing for me is an understatement. Some people know my story, or at least parts of it, and some don't. As I was led through the healthcare system and taught to combine western medicine with holistic practices, I was able to heal my mind, my body, and now my soul. This journey opened my eyes and I saw, and felt, for the first time the light inside of myself and found my true purpose~ that of helping other people heal, connect to their own light, and grow. I am a helper, a light bringer, an encourager, and a health educator. I am confident of this, yet it never ceases to amaze me when you step up and finally start to shine your light how uncomfortable it can make some people.

Has someone ever tried to burst your bubble through snide comments or eye rolling? What the demeaning voice of t…


   "When she does well, we all do well. All tides rise when we see a sister making this world a better place with her gifts" ~ Lysa TerKeurst We all want the best. We want it for ourselves, our families, loved ones, etc. Why is it that we are happy for some when they receive happiness and success and feel such a contradiction of emotions when someone else has good fortune? Has this ever happened to you? It's happened to me.  Lysa TerKeurst is one of my favorite authors. I'm reading a book of hers now called, Uninvited. It's SO good. It talks about rejection and how its poison can ruin relationships, dreams, and lives. Have you ever been rejected? Rejected by a parent? By a friend? By a boyfriend? Have you ever felt left out? Or not good enough? Didn't get a job you had hoped for? The grade you thought you deserved?  I have...and it hurts. What happens as we move on with our lives is we bury those feelings of rejection deep inside ourselves instead of dealing…

Get Your Dancing Shoes On


You know you've done it before: you've looked at what others have and wish you had it too. Or maybe you've scoffed at what someone is doing and mentally judged them, and for a brief moment, you saw yourself as "better". One makes us feel bad, the other makes us feel superior. Neither one makes us happy.

It's so easy to fall into the "comparison trap". You see someone skinnier than you, and you instantly think, "I wish I had her body!", or you see someone driving around in a nice sports car and think, "I want what he has."  Well I can tell you from experience that comparison is the fast track to unhappiness.

After my brain surgeries I spent a lot of time alone at home recovering; and unfortunately, I wasted some of that precious time, comparing my situation to what others were going through, or comparing my recovery to how other people recovered from the same surgery. I was angry, sad, in shock, in pain, and grieving the loss of…

Me, Myself, and Mat


I love yoga. Love, love, love it, however I'm often guilty of shoving it down people's throats. If I've done that to you, I apologize. Whenever I find something that works or is enjoyable I get excited and naturally assume that you would want to do it too. In the past several months I have finally found a yoga teacher on You Tube that I really like called Yoga with Adriene. Her motto is "Listen to your body, and do what feels good.", and "No matter what happens, stay on the mat."  Side note: I won't shove her down your throat just mentioning her in case you want to check her out.

“Take a moment and think about what you are bringing to your mat today.”This is how every yoga class begins. This is probably an opening invitation to our mat that many of us have experienced before. What do you bring to the mat?

Each day is different for me as it is for everyone who practices yoga. As Adriene repeats this sentence again, all I can think of is, if you onl…